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Roselle Rose Tea 洛神玫瑰花茶

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Irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, dry skin, uneven skin tone, etc. are common problems faced by most of girls. Other of applying various skin care products, internal conditioning has also attracted much attention in recent years. Together with healthy lifestyle, drink beauty flower tea regularly can help regulate on body function and achieve beauty impact. 

Roselle Rose Tea

IngredientsDried Roselle | Rose Buds | Red Dates

FunctionAnti-oxidation , help fight free radicals, reduce blood pressure, detoxing


【食材】洛神花 | 玫瑰 | 红枣


  • 洛神花:抗氧化、调节和平衡血脂、降胆固醇、降血压
  • 玫瑰花:补气养血、调经止痛、改善内分泌、美白、淡斑、抗氧化、镇定安抚情绪、抗忧郁
  • 红枣:补气养血、美容美颜、安神

What in the box:

  • 10 packs/box
  • FREE 1 packs (randomly)

Our flower tea:

  • Using 100% natural & vegan ingredients, local supplies
  • No preservative & no coloring
  • Freshly packed & individually packaged
  • Come with corn fiber tea filter


  1. Unpack and put all the ingredients into tea filter attached.
  2. Put the tea filter in cup, rinse with drinking water to wash the tea bag, drain away the water.
  3. Slowly pour in 2-300 ml hot water, cover with lid and simmer for about 10 min.
  4. Enjoy the tea while it is warm. Brew repeatedly around 2-3 times until tasteless.


  • Pregnant, breastfeeding, gastric should drink with cautions.
  • Drink after meal.
  • Store in refrigerator for about 12 months
  • Recommend drink flower tea long term to achieve better results together with healthy lifestyle.



  • 使用100% 天然材料,本地供应商采购
  • 不含防腐剂 不含人造色素
  • 新鲜&独立包装,方便携带
  • 每包附上玉米纤维茶袋,方便饮用


  1. 打开包装,把材料装入茶袋里。
  2. 茶包放入杯中,倒入少许白开水把茶包冲洗一遍,倒掉杯里的水。
  3. 加入2-300 ml热水,盖上焖泡约10分钟。
  4. 趁热饮用,可反复冲泡约2-3次直到无味。


  • 孕妇、哺乳妈妈、有胃酸者 谨慎饮用养生茶。
  • 适合饭后饮用。
  • 冷置可保存12个月左右。
  • 建议长期饮用养生茶,配合适当饮食和良好生活习惯,以达到效果。养生茶效果因个人体质而异。