Scented Soy Candle

Natural scented soy candle are currently a choice for home decorations and a wonderful way to unwind. Whether you want to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere at home, a happy dinner with friends, or enjoy "Me Time" quietly, just light a scented candle. The heat of candle will speed up evaporation of essential oils. Natural scented candle enhance the style of the environment of your living space, promote relaxing environment after a busy day.

Our hand poured natural scented soy wax candles are fresh to made, with premium quality natural soy wax as ingredients 100% nontoxic, always in consistent fragrances no matter whether it light up or not.

天然香氛蜡烛目前是许多家具装饰的一种选择。无论是你想要在家营造温馨舒适的氛围、欢乐的朋友聚餐,还是静静的享受“Me Time”, 点燃一支香薰蜡烛就没错了。蜡烛燃烧受热,加快精油挥发。香薰蜡烛提升环境的格调外,让我们放松心情和消除疲劳,给生活添加仪式感,让生活变得更精致和高品味。