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Minerals Bath Soaks Foot Soaks Aromatherapy

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What exactly does self-care involve? Well, it can really be anything you want that helps you relax and de-stress. Soaking in a luxurious warm bath is one of an awesome way of self-care practice.

Our mineral bath salts are blend with loads of mineral salts, natural essential oil and petals. It used to create a soothing, relaxing and warm bath soak to simultaneously detoxifying your body. Scented only with 100% Pure Essential Oil. 

Unwind and enjoy your own personal pampering ritual with aromatherapy mineral bath salt that beneficial physical and mental well-being. Soak & enjoy bath at home today!

Product Info

Luxurious Lavender

Ginger & Lemongrass

Rose & Geranium


Relax & Soothing

Detox & Refresh

Hydrate & Moisture


Lavender Buds Forget-me-not



Dried Rose


190g +/-

Shelf Life

1 months


Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Sea Salt, Sweet Almond Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Petals, Pure Essential Oil

Ideal for

Bathtub, Foot Soak, Bath Tea Bag

How to Store

Keep in a dry place away from humidity and direct sunlight



Epsom Salt

Soothes thick & dry skin, relieve sore muscles, muscles pain, detoxifies body, Relax & destress, stabilize mood, anxiety and depression. Reduce skin inflammation. Promote foot health, Helps release a headache or migraine, Promote blood circulation

Himalayan Pink Salt

Detoxifies body. Soften dead skin cells, leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, maintain the skin's natural barrier. Relieve sore muscles. Relax & destress, stabilize mood, anxiety and depression. Promote blood circulation

Dead Sea Salt

Relieve sore muscles. Relax & destress, stabilize mood, anxiety and depression. Helps calm skin allergies, eczema, and psoriasis. Reduce rheumatic conditions. Detoxifies body. Improves skin hydration, reduces redness and roughness, and enhances the skin barrier.


Anti-inflammatory properties. Excellent skin-soothing ingredient


Calm and relax an anxious mind. helping to improve sleep quality and headaches


Rich in Vitamin C which can help the body strengthen its resistance to some of the harmful effects of radiation. Reduce high blood pressure. Soothing the nerves. Promote relaxing sleep

Rose Petals

Soothe, soften, and improve the appearance of the skin. Variety of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Moisturizing and hydrating skin.


Reduce menstrual cramps, Increase blood circulation, promotes sweating, allowing your body to get rid of toxins, help warm the meridians, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory


Detoxifies skin. Relieve stress and tension in the body, improving the skin barrier function


Moisturizes & rejuvenate your skin. Relieves skin irritation. Antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties

How to Use:

For Bath Soak

  • Fill bath tub with warm water.
  • Add in 1 pack of mineral bath salt into running water to help it dissolve faster.
  • Soak in for 15-20 minutes. (not more than 30 minutes)
  • Rinse with water after soak.

For Foot Soak - 1 packet is sufficient for up to 2-3 soak sessions.

  • Fill foot basin with warm water.
  • Add in mineral bath salt as desired
  • Soak in for 15-20 minutes. (not more than 30 minutes)
  • Rinse with water. Pat feet thoroughly dry & follow with moisturizer.


  • All order will take around 3-5 working days to ship out. Any urgent order please contact with us.
  • Natural ingredients without preservative, use within 1-2 month.
  • This product is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not use if pregnant and consult a medical professional before use.
  • For external use only. Discontinue if irritation occur. Keep out of reach of children. 
  • Petals may vary in color due to environment, temperature, seasonal change and vendor supply. Photo for illustration purposes only might slightly differ from actual product due to screen display.